Construyendo Escuelas Democráticas

Title: Construyendo Escuelas Democráticas
Authors: Rafael Feito, Juan Ignacio López
Publisher: Hipatia Press
Year of publication: 2008
ISBN: 978-84-936743-1-1

M.W. Apple J.A. Beane published in his “democratic schools” an analysis of U.S. schools that has generated much interest in the subject in the international scientific community and teachers and teachers from around the world. The coordinators of the book presented here give continuity to the work of these key authors presenting in a rigorous and comprehensive manner, democratic schools from the Spanish context.

The educational experiences in this book have some common characteristics: the creation of conditions necessary to advance to the educational success of all students, the democratization of the classroom to include the voices of children and adolescents, and community participation in educational management and control within the centers. In short, they include elements of analysis that helps build schools and societies more democratic and egalitarian.

Rafael Feito Alonso is professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Juan Ignacio Lopez Ruiz is a professor at the University of Sevilla.

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