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The International Journal of Sociology of Education (known by its acronym RISE) is a scientific journal of the Editorial Hipatia that publishes technical articles and original research results from the field of education with different methodological approaches in order to provide specific scientific advances in the socio-educational field. In this sense, RISE will publish disciplinary and interdisciplinary works related to the most relevant theories and educational research developed from a social perspective that provide elements that contribute fundamentally to social transformation and overcoming social inequalities from education.

This scientific journal arises from the need to respond to the excessive determinism and dogmatism with which educational issues have been treated since the sociology of the reproductive role of education in society. The RISE aims to analyze not only in a descriptive way the socio-educational elements that reproduce social inequalities and even increase them, but also the models, variables, scientific evidence and educational actions that affect social change and the overcoming of inequalities. In short, RISE aims to be an international space for debate and criticism through the presentation of theoretical and practical contributions from the sociological field that can favor the improvement of our societies through education. The journal is aimed primarily at scientific and research staff and other key actors who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments in the sociology of education. It is a quarterly electronic publication that appears in the months of February, July and October. Papers can be publsihed in English or Spanish.

Peer review Policy: The editorial board will review the works received by the journal and it elaborates the corresponding report for the acceptance or rejection of the article, based on the criteria of quality, as much as formal and of adjustment to the own contents of this journal.Once it is verified the adjustment of the works, these are sent to two external expert people for a valuation by means of the system of " double blind" or " peer review". In case of discrepancy, there will be one third person that reviews. Once the evaluations of articles by this external procedure have been done, the author(s) will be notified the acceptance or not and, in necessary case, will be asked for the modifications suggested in the evaluation reports. In this last case, once the original text has been re-elaborated by the author(s), the work will be evaluated again by the Editorial board, according to the initial valuations realised and contained in the referred information.

License: Until October 5, 2013, the scientific journals of Hipatia Press were published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivativeLicense (CC BY NC ND). Hypatia Press decided to change the license and use Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) as recommended by the Budapest Open Access Initiative in light of its commitment to Open Access.

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Vol. 13 No. 1 (2024): February
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