Silent Scream of Malaysian Elderly: A Case Study in Noble Care Ageing Centres


  • Shaista Noor Taylors university
  • Filzah Md Isa Taylors university
  • Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)




Ageing is a normal biotic process, which ultimately reaches to every human being. The transitioning of young adult to older people may result as reduction of social, physiological and psychological capacities that bring social and health threats for the older population. The rich tradition of dignified ageing is exceedingly wearied away in developing countries, including Malaysia. The primary purpose of this research is to provide a snapshot of what it means to be living with chronic disease in Malaysia. This study was conducted in Klang Valley, Malaysia, due to the paucity of research in this area. The present study demonstrates the true stories of elderly associated with their physical, psychological and social experiences regarding immediate surroundings, friends, family and the society residing in Noble Care Malaysia, which is an established welfare and human services organisation, helping the deserving members of society. The qualitative research methodology is adopted, and an in-depth life history technique has been used for a deeper picture of the elderly’s memories and experience. The data is collected through five in-depth life history’s narrative of the elderly with chronic diseases. The study explains the true stories of the elderly in connection to familial neglection and abandonment for social awareness about ageing and older citizen feelings. Thus, it is imperative to keep the senior citizen self-esteem positive, along with the mental and physical activity. However, most importantly, the respect and mutual understanding between older citizen and the younger generation are getting worsen which need to be sustained harmoniously. This paper proposes some necessary measures to be addressed for graceful, proactive and gracious ageing.


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Noor, S., Md Isa, F., & Nik Muhammad, N. M. (2021). Silent Scream of Malaysian Elderly: A Case Study in Noble Care Ageing Centres. Research on Ageing and Social Policy, 9(2), 133–153.