Peer review policy

All research articles published in this journal will be subjected to a rigorous review according to the 'peer' and 'double-blind' system, based on the initial selection of the editor, the anonymous arbitration of expert and independent reviewers and the consequent review by the authors of the article when necessary.
The editorial team will assign the article to a minimum of two experts who will review the article and issue recommendations for improvement, as well as a verdict of acceptance or rejection of the article.

For the definitive publication, the positive assessment of both will be required. In case of not having a positive evaluation by the two evaluators, it will be submitted to a third evaluation. The final result will lead to the acceptance of the manuscript, the need to introduce corrections to re-evaluate the possible acceptance of the work or the rejection of its publication in the journal.
The review process will be carried out blindly, in such a way that the experts will not know whose article it is, nor will the authors know which experts have evaluated their articles. However, the list of external evaluators who have collaborated with the journal in the previous year is  published in the first issue of next year.
All reviewers must adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

  • They will only accept to review manuscripts in which they have sufficient experience, committing to carry them out within the established times.
  • They must be objective and constructive in their review, refraining from making defamatory or disparaging personal comments.
  • The evaluators must inform if, despite the anonymity measures, they have identified the authorship and have any relationship that could cause bias in their evaluation.
  • They will maintain the confidentiality of the peer review process.
  • They will provide a constructive, comprehensive, substantiated and appropriately substantive peer review report.
  • They will notify the editor of the journal of any significant similarities between the manuscript under consideration and any published article or submitted manuscript of which they are aware.

The Editorial Board, taking into account all the external reports, will be the one that makes the final decision on the publication or rejection of each article and will always communicate said reasoned decision to the authors.