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The International Journal of Roma Studies (IJRS) is an Open Access journal aimed at the publication of excellent research conducted on Roma constituencies from all around the world. IJRS welcomes empirically based research papers, broader reviews as well as theoretical reflections that contribute to the advancement of the existing scientific knowledge on Roma from a wide range of disciplines. Particularly, the journal will serve as a platform to publish cutting edge and innovative research in the field of Romani Studies that contributes to addressing the needs and problems affecting Roma groups, while moving beyond exclusionary perspectives both objectifying and essentializing of Roma people. Contributions might be conducted from a wide range of methodologies: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Specially valued will be those works conducted from dialogic based research methodologies which promote Roma participation.

IJRS review process will strictly follow a rigorous double-blind peer review, based on initial editor screening and posterior two anonymous referees. Thus, IJRS requires all papers to strictly meet the international ethical standards as contemplated by international professional organizations.


This scientific journal is a multilingual Journal which will be publishing articles in English, Spanish and French, and it will be published three times a year (March, July and November).

Vol 2, No 2 (2020): September. Special Issue

Roma communities navigating and coping with the current and future effects of the COVID19 Crisis.

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Rosa María Cisneros-Kostic, Fernando Macías-Aranda, Emilia Aiello, Teresa Sordé-Martí


Bernadett Mária Varga
Javier Arza Porras, Diana Gil-González, Lluís Català-Oltra, Francisco Francés García, María Eugenia González Angulo, Maria Félix Rodríguez Camacho, María José Sanchís Ramón, Belén Sanz-Barbero, Carmen Vives-Cases, Daniel La Parra Casado
Lynne Tammi
Gabriela Marques Gonçalves

Spotlight on voices from the community

Lucy Hetherington, Jenni Berlin