Science Communication in India: An Assessment


  • Manoj Kumar Patairiya Broadcasting Corporation of India


The paper explores science communication through diverse cultures in pre and post independent India. India is known for her early scientific wisdom and scientific heritage. Several sages and scholars have worked on medicinal, mathematical, agricultural, and other sciences, in Indian subcontinent during ancient and medieval periods. They had composed volumes based on self-earned experiences, using various means of communication, like oral communication, Guru-Shishya-Parampara (teacher-pupil tradition) of learning and dissemination of information through interaction. The tradition of oral communication continued through generations, in addition to knowledge creation. Then the modern science communication emerged. Publication of scientific books started in 1800 AD at Shreerampur in English, Bengali and Hindi. The historical perspective of science communication has remained almost untouched by researchers, except an attempt on scientific terminologies by Sharma (1964) and agricultural journalism by Parasar (1980), besides a few more research articles. The author of this paper worked thoroughly on The Origin and Evolution of Science Communication in India with comparative account in other parts of the world and published a book Hindi Vigyan Patrakarita (Hindi Science Journalism) in 1990, the first book on science communication in India, translated in different Indian languages, paving the way for other academics. The paper emphasizes on pioneering developments in various aspects of early and modern science communication and discusses the relevance and need of science communication by pointing out policy measures taken by the state.  Finally, the paper summarizes the role of various individuals India.


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Author Biography

Manoj Kumar Patairiya, Broadcasting Corporation of India

Additional Director General
Doordarshan (National TV Network)
Broadcasting Corporation of India
(India's Public Service Broadcaster)
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting,
Govt. of India