Transnational Migration and Sociocultural Practices: Mapping the Use of ICTs


  • Sofia Cavalcanti Zanforlin Catholic University of Brasilia



The following paper intends to present the first results of the research Migration and Intercultural Communication: transnational flows, local interferences and the use of ICTs. One of the aims of this research is to study the transnational sociocultural practices through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) of the migrants in the Federal District of Brazil. This research is based on the following questions: can we qualify the recent migration flows to Brazil as a transnational phenomenon? If yes, what is the role of the ICTs in the information exchange between migrants? How do these technologies interfere and re-create sociocultural practices during the migrant's process of belonging? We wish to understand how is it that ICTs make it possible for a twofold local experience: that of the daily life of those who stayed and that of the living experience of those who moved.


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Author Biography

Sofia Cavalcanti Zanforlin, Catholic University of Brasilia

Catholic University of Brasilia - Graduate Department of Communication


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