Motivation, Challenges, Support (MCS) Cycle Model for the Development of PBL Tutors

Costas S. Constantinou, Stella A. Nicolaou


Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is well known for enhancing students’ problem-solving skills and teamwork, while the role of PBL tutors is to facilitate discussion rather than teach. This study used four focus groups to explore PBL tutors’ motivation, challenges and support mechanisms, and the relationship between these. The study found that there was a narrative alignment, whereby tutors identified a challenge if it disrupted their motivation to tutor, and support as effective if it addressed the challenge so as to re-establish their motivation. Based on this, we propose the “Motivation, Challenges, Support (MCS) Cycle Model” for the development of PBL tutors.


PBL tutors, motivation, challenges, support, focus groups, qualitative research

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