“Work on Something Else”: Autobiographyc Research of a Physical Education Professor

David Hortigüela Alcalá, Alejandra Hernando Garijo


Autobiographical researches have shown a high scientific contribution and a real useful for understanding educational phenomena in Physical Education (PE). This paper analyzes the professional career of a university lecturer who currently works in the training of future teachers PE. There are three main periodic phases which were analyzed: (1) "Ending of university studies", (2) "started as a teacher at the university" and (3) "After six years as a teacher at the university". This qualitative methodological technique has been structured from reflective teacher journal as a tool for data collection. Three categories for the presentation of the results were made: (1) "Conception and reflection on the PE", (2) "Vocation and satisfaction in the teaching profession EF" and (3) "Objectives and lines of promotion and future improvement". The results show how through the vocation of teaching and motivation for being PE teacher, he managed a large number of merits and recognition in the academic field. In addition, it’s shown the progressive personal and professional self-knowledge that the teacher experienced over time. It is concluded on the importance of a good academic advice from compulsory education and the importance of self-confidence to get the training challenges of the future.


autobiography, Physical Education, daily teacher, initial teacher training

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17583/qre.2017.2368

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