Assessment of the Knowledge of the Decimal Number System Exhibited by Students with Down Syndrome

Aurelia Noda, Alicia Bruno


This paper presents an assessment of the understanding of the decimal numeral system in students with Down Syndrome (DS). We followed a methodology based on a descriptive case study involving six students with DS. We used a framework of four constructs (counting, grouping, partitioning and numerical relationships) and five levels of thinking for each one. The results of this study indicate the variability of the six students in the five levels and in their mastery of the constructs. The grouping construct, which is essential to a proper development of the others, proved complex for the students. In general, we found that these students have a better procedural than conceptual understanding. However, the skills displayed by two of the students in the study group are encouraging with a view to advancing the number knowledge of these individuals.


Down Syndrome, decimal numeral system, levels

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