Revising and Validating Achievement Emotions Questionnaire - Teachers (AEQ-T)

Ji Hong, Youyan Nie, Benjamin Heddy, Gumiko Monobe, Jiening Ruan, Sula You, Hitomi Kambara


Achievement Emotions Questionnaire - Teachers (AEQ-T) measures teachers’ anger, anxiety, and enjoyment related to instruction. The purpose of this research is to revise and validate AEQ-T to include pride and frustration. Also, this study aimed to replicate previous research on anger, anxiety, and enjoyment and validate this expanded measure in an Asian context. The revised AEQ-T was tested using Exploratory Factor Analysis for 150 Japanese teachers, and then cross-validated with 208 Korean teachers using Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Results showed that four emotions of anger, anxiety, enjoyment, and pride had acceptable levels of internal consistency and clear factor structure. However, frustration items had low reliability and cross-loaded with anger factor. This study provides empirical evidences to include pride to measure teachers’ emotions, and suggests the need to develop a more refined understanding and distinction between anger and frustration.


Teacher emotions; Achievement Emotion Questionnaire -Teachers (AEQ-T); instrument validation; cross-cultural study

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