The Metaphor Experience as Alternative to Digital Disability

Alejandro Sanjurjo Rubio


Descartes accelerated the decomposition of the subject, the illustration added impetus to the need to dominate, to control the unpredictable: the outside, the world, the other, reducing the margin of uncertainty, until we were cornered to the invalidation of the scepticism. Without something to refer to and undervaluing the ability to speak and the capacity of give meaning, the subject is the last pitfall, the last obstacle that must be eliminated, that must be eradicated to overcome the unpredictable and eliminate the doubt, the consumption of digital technology triggers a series of behavioural and cognitive processes that crown the paradigm of control. As an alternative into the submission of the binary digit that makes us objects, we have to fit into a predetermined variable, the metaphor arises, understood as a bridge with a look that transcends and ignores the current positive determinism, it resets us, and activates the experience, and the act of experiencing. This paper raises the question of those artistic practices that use digital technology and if with its own spread it triggers our decomposition; it transforms us in pure objects of analysis, blocking a metaphorical look.


Subject; neuroscience; digital art; interaction


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